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Silent Hill Bubblehead Nurse Mask Tutorial

15 Dec

Silent Hill Bubblehead Nurse Mask Tutorial

Hi there! c:
I’ve been getting questions as to how I made the mask (but most of all how I could see from it lol), so I put together a brief little tutorial. 🙂

You will need…

1. Cling wrap
2. One inch tape
3. Glue
4. Skin-colored cap or skin pantyhose
5. Brown, beige, red, and black acrylic paint
5. Scissors
6. Coffee or black tea
7. Bandages
8. Hot glue
9. Resistance to fling things across the room in frustration
10. Someone to help you, or someone you can raeg at

1. Liquid latex

Okay, so first you’re going to take some salt and draw a pentagram on the floor. We will commence the chant to our dark lord Satan.
Oh wait, wrong tutorial…

First of all, you’re going to sit in front of the mirror with your hair net/cap on (if you brought a friend, have your friend sit in front of you) and begin to wrap your head in cling wrap. One or two layers will suffice. Remember to (obviously) cut eye, mouth, and nose holes during this process.

Okay, after wrapping your face in cling wrap, layer over that with tape. This shouldn’t take too long…


Aaaaand presto! c:
(Also, if you get bored during the process, draw on your newly acquired face.)

If it came out sort of “puffy” from certain angles, fix it by sticking the “puffiness” down, so the mask will adhere to your face shape better. I don’t know if you can tell, but the mask has a “lightbulb” shape. NO, MY HEAD IS NOT SHAPED THAT WAY. .-.

After you’re satisfied with your duct tape form, have a friend or (god forbid) do it yourself and cut a slit on the nape of your neck, and start extending the cut towards the top of your cranium.

Be veeeeeeery careful not to cut through the skin cap/skin/oh god anything that ISN’T tape and cling wrap.
I did this on my own, and well… I ended up cutting through the cap and got into some of my hair.

After cutting the slit,carefully remove the mask from your face. If it’s too tight, cut the slit bigger. Don’t worry, we’ll cover it up later.
You should feel like you are being born again after semi suffocating yourself doing this.
Oh, the beauty of cosplay!

YAY! We now have a (pretty) accurate mold of your face with DUCT TAPE!

Oh, and while you have that mask off, let’s move on to dying the bandages so that they’re ready for you to wear later on…
Take your black tea/coffee and dip it into a warm bowl. Dip your bandages in. Let them soak for ten minutes, and then hang them up somewhere so they can dry. These will be going around your head to cover the slit in the back. (Lol sorry, dying the bandages isn’t exactly rocket science, hence the reason I explained it so quickly.)


Put your mask on some soup cans/head form/the floor/whatever, and take your napkins and Mod Podge out. Time to pimp dis shit.

Soak the napkins in liquid latex/glue. Apply the napkins however, really. Try to fold them or crinkle them to get that gross look. After you’re done applying the bandages all around the mask (except on the slit), seal it with some glue.

Remember, dilute your glue with one part water, and one part glue! You should have a 50/50 disolution.


The pink stuff is liquid latex, by the way.
Keep layering on the napkins and sealing with glue…
Once the paper is dry, you may begin painting with your acrylics.



Remember to try it on during various stages.


*-*Don’t hate me cuz I’m beautiful*-*

Aaaaaaand after a while, you should have something that resembles this!
You may not be able to tell, but I cut holes near the nose, mouth, and left eye with my scissors.
Again, I made these obnoxiously small. Hence the reason why I was falling everywhere,


And we are done!
As for your now dried bandages, you can use them to wrap the back part of your head to hide the giant slit! :3
Have fun. ❤



Dark Rider Progress III (or IV? i don’t remember. XD)

17 Aug

Hello again! I’m posting this before work (I am INSANELY tired right now, even after a 45 min nap), but I really wanted to post about my DRS progress!
I feel quite satisfied so far, even though cardboard + gesso + sealer = a helmet as delicate as porcelain.
I started Insanity on Wednesday, and I’ve been horribly tired ever since.
I guess this weekend I might have to crank out my notes and study what we have been doing in class the past two days. 😦
I was falling asleep like crazy.

What my leg looked like after a long day of sanding and filling, as I pose over my bed like a albañil.

Sand, then fill, sand, then fill, sand then fill…. Sjidjvkfkthis was goddamn eternal. XD


After the first flat black coat! Finally it’s starting to look a little decent at this stage.
However, I had completetly forgotten the silver edges around the face and the spikes.
So I had to add those once the helmet was already painted.
:c What a dumbass.





The current paintjob! I really like how it looks so far. I used silver, turquoise, light blue, and sparkly nail polish to give the helmet a little more of a “fantasy” shine.
It does look a little “Rainbow Fish” in my eyes, but… The effect is damn pretty. XD
Under the light it shines many different colors!

Dark Rider Sejuani Progress

8 Aug

Horribly overdue update! I haven’t had access to a computer lately, but now that I’m back in school I will be spending an awful amount on time here. xD
This is a step-by-step process of my Dark Rider Sejuani from League of Legends, pictured here:

Let’s begin!
This is the base I used for my helmet shape.


I look awful in these pictures, but this is just so you can see the general process of everything.
So, ignore the derpage. :vvvv

Taking on a little more shape…. okay not really. I tore off that piece because it looked too derp.


NOW it looks more like a helmet.


And presto!


After that, I sketched a horn and “attatched” it to the helmet (will possibly carve out of insulation foam, not sure)


One more shot before…



… Paper maché time!
Used water and flour only.
The result was kind of grainy, so I used a dry towel to clean it off and will use some Elmer’s glue to pre-seal.





Roman playing Mass Effect while he wears my helmet.
I think he liked it more than I did. :v






Yours truly wearing the helmet.
I’m not completely satisfied and I might end up altering it, but this is what I have so far.



Breastplate complete! Created using a real bra and lots of Scotch tape!
This was fun to cast. XDDD But a little tedious considering I had to tape it on and off my body constantly, and the rough tape edges ended up hurting my ribs. :v
Might line the inside with foam or cloth to avoid chafing.
My friend Caro commented that she was scared of foam, but holy mother I AM IN LOVE WITH IT.
It’s fantastic for “body casting”, cheap and easy to use!

Overall Cost:
2 rolls of Scotch tape: $30 pesos

Right now, I am working on the shield and the leg bracers!
Hopefully I will be able to update again soon!
If school does not bombard me with assignments immediately, that is.