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Mad Moxxi Progress

3 Jun

I’m on summer vacation currently, so I haven’t been doing too much. Right now I’m in the process of getting a job, but the work hours aren’t very flexible (only 2 pm – 10 pm) and I don’t have a way of getting around past 9.  Ah well, hopefully things will work out.
I went to a bar this weekend with my sister, her boyfriend, and a couple of friends. I don’t have pictures of that (a friend kept them all), but once I have them I will make a post about that, lol.

Right now, I’m working on Mad Moxxi for an August con and a music video. 🙂


The fabric and buttons I will be using. The purple fabric was on sale, too! (About a dollar a meter!!)


This is a Victoria’s Secret bra I got on sale a year ago. Originally, it was completely white but then I bought some lace fabric and black ribbon and pimped it out. It’s… A little itchy from the inside because of the lace, though. Might cover it with another fabric (sweaty boobs!)

That is her little gun holster… Thing…. Made out of a pancake box, pleather, and nail polish. :v

Kinda crooked top hat I made from styrene.


These are sketches for her clothing! My cousin saw me drawing in the living room and was like, “Hey, whatyou’re drawing looks cute! Let me get a closer loo… Oh…. So, you’re going to wear that…?” I noddedand she gave me this really unsure look. I thought it was hilarious. XD


My boyfriend and I also went to Uma Umav the other day. I ordered pork ramen and a Kirin beer (so good!) and he ordered a Yakimeshi. Everything here is so delicious, I can’t get over it.
The only reason we went in was because I found the cat painted on e window incredibly adorable.


Aaaaaaaaaand this is what I have been doing these past few days. Huzzah, summer vacation.

Moxxi’s coat should be complete by Saturday afternoon, and hopefully I will be able to upload a couple of pictures of that. 🙂
Until then, I don’t have much to talk about. :c Just job hunting and Moxxi. -dies-

Dark Rider Progress III (or IV? i don’t remember. XD)

17 Aug

Hello again! I’m posting this before work (I am INSANELY tired right now, even after a 45 min nap), but I really wanted to post about my DRS progress!
I feel quite satisfied so far, even though cardboard + gesso + sealer = a helmet as delicate as porcelain.
I started Insanity on Wednesday, and I’ve been horribly tired ever since.
I guess this weekend I might have to crank out my notes and study what we have been doing in class the past two days. 😦
I was falling asleep like crazy.

What my leg looked like after a long day of sanding and filling, as I pose over my bed like a albañil.

Sand, then fill, sand, then fill, sand then fill…. Sjidjvkfkthis was goddamn eternal. XD


After the first flat black coat! Finally it’s starting to look a little decent at this stage.
However, I had completetly forgotten the silver edges around the face and the spikes.
So I had to add those once the helmet was already painted.
:c What a dumbass.





The current paintjob! I really like how it looks so far. I used silver, turquoise, light blue, and sparkly nail polish to give the helmet a little more of a “fantasy” shine.
It does look a little “Rainbow Fish” in my eyes, but… The effect is damn pretty. XD
Under the light it shines many different colors!

Dark Rider Sejuani Progress

8 Aug

Horribly overdue update! I haven’t had access to a computer lately, but now that I’m back in school I will be spending an awful amount on time here. xD
This is a step-by-step process of my Dark Rider Sejuani from League of Legends, pictured here:

Let’s begin!
This is the base I used for my helmet shape.


I look awful in these pictures, but this is just so you can see the general process of everything.
So, ignore the derpage. :vvvv

Taking on a little more shape…. okay not really. I tore off that piece because it looked too derp.


NOW it looks more like a helmet.


And presto!


After that, I sketched a horn and “attatched” it to the helmet (will possibly carve out of insulation foam, not sure)


One more shot before…



… Paper maché time!
Used water and flour only.
The result was kind of grainy, so I used a dry towel to clean it off and will use some Elmer’s glue to pre-seal.





Roman playing Mass Effect while he wears my helmet.
I think he liked it more than I did. :v






Yours truly wearing the helmet.
I’m not completely satisfied and I might end up altering it, but this is what I have so far.



Breastplate complete! Created using a real bra and lots of Scotch tape!
This was fun to cast. XDDD But a little tedious considering I had to tape it on and off my body constantly, and the rough tape edges ended up hurting my ribs. :v
Might line the inside with foam or cloth to avoid chafing.
My friend Caro commented that she was scared of foam, but holy mother I AM IN LOVE WITH IT.
It’s fantastic for “body casting”, cheap and easy to use!

Overall Cost:
2 rolls of Scotch tape: $30 pesos

Right now, I am working on the shield and the leg bracers!
Hopefully I will be able to update again soon!
If school does not bombard me with assignments immediately, that is.