Mountains and Small Makeup Haul

20 Jun

Today I went to a couple of stores to pick up some makeup for myself/Moxxi cosplay. We went to a store called Opera, and everything is super cheap there omg.


I purchased a black pencil, a couple of cow-themed makeup brushes (they were too cute not to buy), white and purple eyeshadow, and a pencil sharpener. I wish I’d taken pics of the store, everything was so cute. I also got this badass bracelet (worn by my cute little pony bag)


Today I was feeling pretty bored and defiant, so I decided I wouldgo for a jog. My grandmother strictly prohibited me from leaving the neighborhood and going into the mountains, so that’s precisely what I did! Lol. It was a great jog, I came back home sweating buckets and feeling like a warrior.


Here’s a picture of a cute little flower I found on the way. I also touched up the colors on these photos so that they would look a little better. I felt like a loser applying Instagram-esque filters to these photos lolol. I was also a little scared at first because on my way to the mountain, I didn’t see a single soul. But once I reached this river thing, I started seeing a lot of joggers and people on bicycles. They would pop out from behind trees and shit, so that was kind of freaky ahahaha.






I wish I lived in the mountains. 😥
But anyway, Tommorow I’m heading back to Tijuana, and after that I’m gonna go to beach on Saturday. AT LAST I AM GOING OUT.


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