Summer Vacation

17 Jun

Right now I’m in Ensenada visiting my grandmother. Her neighbor took pity of my deteriorating state of mind and gave me his WiFi password. HUZZAH! It actually wasn’t that bad, though. I was reading Phantom of the Opera and Faust (books I had downloaded to my computer last week, unbeknownst to me the future instruments of my salvation) while I was internet-less. It ws totally unintentional, too! As I continued to read PoTO, I noticed the characters were performing Faust. Lol.

I was SUPPOSED to get a job in Tijuana, but things didn’t work out because my uncle has to run errands in different cities and I can’t stay alone in his house. So I guess I’ll just chill here for a few weeks, lol. Which isn’t a determent to my plans at all, I get to eat visit family members and go out. šŸ™‚ So things didn’t turn out too bad. The only thing I regret is not being able to go out with my boyfriend/friends. ._.

I have a bad habit of not telling my friends important things (much like me going on a trip to Tijuana for more than a month), so this week four different friends invited me to parties/sleepovers and I’m just like, “Oh, haha, nice… Well, I would TOTALLY go, but I’m more than a thousand miles away sooooooo…”
So yes. Socially, I’m fucked for another three weeks until AX. *insert fangirl squeal here*
A couple of days before I got on the plane to Tijuana at Home Depot, This is for Roman’s Nine Toes cosplay, with yours truly modelling one of Home Depot’s marvelous knee pads.


I wanted to keep his gas mask so bad. :v

I also modeled for Fotojal last Saturday for a photography course. My cousins were supposed to come too, but they didn’t wake up at 9 AM to get ready. So I went by myself like a fearless badass. (Did I mention I got lost and got there a little late? lol.) The photos turned out BEAUTIFUL, they are on my Facebook page. This photo was one of my favorites. šŸ™‚


On the plane. I got on at 11:30 PM, and OH GOD I WAS SUPER DIZZY. Like, not even ON the actual plane. I was still in the airport waiting to board. I had a migraine headache a couple of hours before arriving to the airport, and it was so bad I started throwing up. By the time I got in the plane, however, the headache disappeared. I felt so bad to the point where I seriously considered I would miss my flight from throwing up in the bathroom lol. But I was magically better all of the sudden… Anyway, I’ll stop talking about puke and show some photos from my flight instead.



I also completed my Moxxi, too! (Well, almost… Lol.) Still missing a few details.

I haven’t really gone out much since I got here, or at least not yet. My uncle took me to San Diego on Friday to eat sushi. This is the San Diego platter, and it’s suuuuper good. I forgot the name of the restaurant, but it was super cute and they had Sapporo beer. It sucks to know that in the states I’m not of legal drinking age, so I can’t just waltz up to thebarand ask for a beer. I was like, “Yeah! I’m totally gonna buy Sapporo beer with my meal!” and then I remembered the legal age in the US is 21. :l Fuck my life, LOL.


I haven’t gone out much since then, so I will stop here. C: I will close this post with a picture of Roman looking very handsome. ā¤


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