Winter vacay 8D

21 Dec

I have (and quite gloriously, at that) been doing absolutely nothing this past week and a half.

Finally got around to playing Ass Creed III, and I have so many feels about Haytham and Connor. THEY ARE SO ADORABLE.
I’ve also been yelling WHERE IS LEE the past three days, which has only welcomed worried stares from my parents.
All of these photos are from my Fagstagram. Because y’know, that’s the only thing I update…


I also went to a posada (some sort of Christmas party) last Sunday with my coworkers, family and my boyfriend.
Ian (my sister’s almost-boyfriend? I don’t even know. XD) and I tried to prepare a michelada that day.
It was really good the first time, but the second time… not so much.
We tried to rim the edge of the cup with chilli AFTER pouring everything in.
We used a spoon submerged in chilli, and this is the result.

And… I don’t have much to tell other than that.xD; I’ve been working on Celty too, more pictures of that soon.
I will also be leaving to Obregon this Sunday! YAY!
Now I can finally meet sooooo many people from the internets. ;.;
Not to mention, see my closest friends as well.


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